🎄✨ As we dive into the season of joy and jingles, it's not just about decking the halls – it's about decking yourself out in the perfect holiday colors.

Ever wondered if you're more of a vibrant ruby red or a serene sapphire blue when it comes to Christmas bling? Take our jolly quiz to reveal which festive jewelry color is your true holiday match.


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Questions Script & Answers: 

Answer each question and keep track of your points to find out your festive color. The total points will reveal which jewelry color best represents your holiday spirit.

1. Favourite Christmas Song

  • "All I Want for Christmas Is You" - Romantic and heartfelt (1 point)
  • "Silent Night" - Calm and reflective (2 points)
  • "Jingle Bell Rock" - Energetic and lively (3 points)
  • "Last Christmas" - Nostalgic and sentimental (4 points)
  • "Deck the Halls" - Traditional and cheerful (5 points)
  • "Blue Christmas" - Melancholic and soulful (6 points)
  • "White Christmas" - Dreamy and hopeful (7 points)
  • "Feliz Navidad" - Vibrant and festive (8 points)

2. Ideal Christmas Evening:

  • Cozying up by the fire (2 points)
  • Attending festive parties (3 points)
  • Enjoying romantic moments (1 point)
  • Decorating with elegance (4 points)
  • Playing in the snow (6 points)
  • Holiday feasting and fun (5 points)
  • Reflecting on the year (7 points)
  • Singing carols with family (8 points)

3. Go-to Festive Drink:

  • Mulled wine (1 point)
  • Hot cocoa (7 points)
  • Eggnog (2 points)
  • Peppermint latte (5 points)
  • Sparkling cider (3 points)
  • Champagne (4 points)
  • Herbal tea (6 points)
  • Fruit punch (8 points)

4. Preferred Christmas Treat:

  • Gingerbread cookies (5 points)
  • Candy canes (1 point)
  • Fruitcake (3 points)
  • Chocolate truffles (7 points)
  • Sugar cookies (2 points)
  • Pecan pie (6 points)
  • Plum pudding (4 points)
  • Rainbow sprinkles cupcake (8 points) 

5. Favorite Holiday Movie:

  • “The Polar Express” - Heartwarming and classic (2 points)
  • "Home Alone" - Mischievous and fun (3 points)
  • “The Notebook - Romantic and touching (1 point)
  • "The Nightmare Before Christmas" - Dark and whimsical (7 points)
  • “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure - Adventurous and icy (6 points)
  • "Elf" - Quirky and humorous (8 points)
  • “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol" - Reflective and moral (4 points)
  • “Dr Seuss: The Grinch" - Redeeming and heartening (5 points)

6. Holiday Decorating Style:

  • Minimalist and snowy (2 points)
  • Bright and colorful (8 points)
  • Classic red and green (1 point)
  • Rustic and natural (5 points)
  • Bold and shiny (3 points)
  • Chic and sophisticated (7 points)
  • Cozy and warm (4 points)
  • Icy and blue (6 points)

7. Festive Scent:

  • Pine and fir (5 points)
  • Cinnamon and spice (1 point)
  • Vanilla and sugar (2 points)
  • Peppermint and candy (6 points)
  • Orange and clove (3 points)
  • Frankincense and myrrh (7 points)
  • Mulled wine and berries (4 points)
  • Gingerbread and nutmeg (8 points)

8. Holiday Spirit Animal:

  • Reindeer - Gentle and steadfast (5 points)
  • Robin - Merry and bright (1 point)
  • Snowy owl - Wise and graceful (2 points)
  • Polar bear - Powerful and enduring (6 points)
  • Fox - Cunning and playful (3 points)
  • Swan - Elegant and peaceful (7 points)
  • Wolf - Loyal and intuitive (4 points)
  • Peacock - Vivacious and colorful (8 points)


Tallying Your Score:

Add up your points to find out your dominant color. Your total score indicates your festive hue, revealing which jewelry color will best complement your holiday spirit this 2023.


Answers - Color Categories:

  • Pink & Red: 8-14 Points
  • White/Clear: 15-21 Points 
  • Yellow & Orange: 22-28 Points
  • Purple: 29-35 Points
  • Green: 36-42 Points
  • Blue: 43-49 Points
  • Black: 50-56 Points
  • Rainbow: 57-64 Points


Answers - Detailed Breakdown: 

Romance in PINK & RED 💖🌹❤️ 

Pink & Red: 8-14 Points 

Pink and Red JewelsOh, the colors of love and celebration! You're all about love, from heartfelt gift exchanges to cozy moments under the mistletoe. Your holiday style is as heartwarming as a Christmas carol.

Adorn yourself in the rich hues of ruby or garnet, or go for playful pink CZ and enamel to add a dash of festive romance to your look.

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A Winter Wonderland ❄️🤍💎 

White/Clear: 15-21 Points 

White Clear JewelsYour results reveal a love for the classic, peaceful side of the holidays. You find joy in the simplicity and purity of the season – like the first snowfall or the soft glow of holiday lights.

Crystal and pearl jewelry will mirror the sparkle of the season, while opal and moonstone add a touch of magical iridescence to your holiday wardrobe. And let's not forget diamonds – they bring a timeless elegance and a brilliant sparkle that perfectly encapsulates the winter wonderland magic of the holidays.

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A Lively Holiday Glow 🌟🍊🎄 

Yellow & Orange: 22-28 Points

Yellow and Orange JewelsYour festive spirit is as bright as the holiday lights. In the holiday hustle, you bring warmth and positivity to every gathering, much like a burst of sunshine on a chilly winter day.

Yellow and orange enamel jewelry complements your sunny disposition, adding a lively and inviting touch to your holiday style. These hues are perfect for heartwarming, laughter-filled celebrations, mirroring the joy and energy you bring to the season.

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Majestic PURPLE Holidays 🟣🍇👑

Purple: 29-35 Points

Purple JewelsFor you, the holidays are a time of reflection and luxury. You enjoy the season's richness, from deep, thoughtful conversations to sumptuous holiday feasts.

Your style is regal and sophisticated, just like the deep hues of amethyst. For a more playful touch, opt for enamel purple, adding a vibrant and creative flair to your festive attire.

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The Heart of Christmas 🌲🍃💚

Green: 36-42 Points

Green JewelsYour results say you're the true embodiment of Christmas! Like the evergreen trees, you're full of life and embody the true spirit of Christmas. Whether it's decorating the tree or preparing the holiday feast, you do it with passion.

Choose emerald for a traditional touch, malachite to connect with nature, or peridot for a burst of fresh, festive energy.

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A Peaceful Holiday Reflection 🌌🧊💙

Blue: 43-49 Points

Blue JewelsIf you scored in the blue range, you're all about the depth and tranquility of the holiday season. You find joy in the peaceful moments – like a quiet evening watching snowflakes fall or sipping tea by the fireplace. Your style is reflective of these serene, heartfelt moments.

Opt for jewelry in shades like sapphire for a touch of classic elegance, or aqua and turquoise for a brighter, more playful holiday vibe. Enamel blue adds a contemporary twist, perfect for those who blend tradition with modern flair.

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Sophistication in Black  🖤🌃🎩

Black: 50-56 Points

Black JewelsSophisticated and chic, your holiday style is like a glamorous New Year's Eve party. You appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy celebrating in style.

Black onyx is perfect for adding a touch of mystery to your outfit, while black enamel provides a sleek, modern elegance that's sure to turn heads at any festive gathering.

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A Spectrum of Festive Cheer 🌈🎉✨

Rainbow: 57-64 Points

Rainbow JewelsYou're the embodiment of holiday cheer! Your festive season is as colorful and diverse as a rainbow. You find joy in every aspect of the holidays, from singing carols to opening gifts.

Rainbow CZ jewelry will match your vibrant personality and add a playful, joyous sparkle to every holiday outfit.

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And there you have it – your very own festive jewel color that's as unique as your holiday spirit! 🌈 Whether you're shimmering in sapphire or glowing in garnet, your chosen hue is sure to make your holiday season bright and merry.

Don't forget to share your quiz results with us (#Youareajewel) – we can't wait to see how you style your festive bling.  🎁💖🎉