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About our 14k gold

Made with pure solid gold, our new line of fine jewellery encompasses all our desires in everyday affordable luxury. Dainty, elegant and timeless pieces that can last a lifetime. 

✧ 14k solid gold
✧ Ethically sourced & created
✧ Suitable for sensitive skin
✧ No tarnishing or wearing off 
✧ Little to no price markups

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Our 14K solid gold jewellery

As part of our brand new launch, we have started with a small curated collection of hoop and stud earrings as well as rings.

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Hoop earrings

Available in four different sizes. These are the perfect fuss free hoops that you can wear everyday and have it match any style or mood you're in.

14k Solid Gold Mini Endless Hoops sizes:

✧ 10 MM Endless Hoops
✧ 12 MM Endless Hoops
✧ 15 MM Endless Hoops
✧ 30 MM Endless Hoops

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Stud earrings

Available in three different sizes featuring a ball stud design. Elegant and timeless studs that pair well with every moment in life.

14k Solid Gold Ball Stud sizes:

✧ 3MM Little Ball Stud
✧ 4MM Ball Stud
✧ 5MM Ball Stud

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Joining our carefully curated line of fine jewellery are our 14k solid gold rings. Dainty and minimal, they ooze timelessness and versatility.

Explore our full range of stacking rings and more now.

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Our history

Here at J&CO Jewellery, our mission has always remained the same: to provide access to finely crafted high quality jewellery at fair prices. Expanding our line to include solid gold jewellery only better supports our mission. We pride ourselves in being a wholly inclusive and accepting jewellery brand. With this line of 14k solid gold jewellery, we are leaving the freedom to express yourself where it should be. In your hands.

Our journey began by specialising in Sterling Silver. Since working with a precious metal from the beginning, we have set a standard for what quality jewellery means. Our prices remain significantly low with minimal markups; the lowest you can find in the market for Sterling Silver made jewellery. We have brought the same passion and dedication to a new line of precious metal. Accessibility is our main focus. We believe that no matter who you are, we have a piece of jewellery that’s made specially for you.


14k Solid Gold FAQs


We chose 14k gold because of its beautiful champagne colour. It provides a stunning wash of gold that isn’t too loud and flashy as compared to the traditional dated solid gold jewellery.



Solid gold requires very little maintenance. Gold won’t tarnish so you can wear it while you exercise or shower. It’s meant to be worn and never taken off.



Unlike other bigger jewellery brands, our sales margin is extremely low. We want everyone to have access to stunning and affordably priced high quality jewellery.



You decide what works best for you, your lifestyle and style.

Whether you are a trendy fashionista who appreciates styling your jewellery to your outfits on the daily or someone who appreciates the finer pieces that can last a lifetime even with everyday wear, we have the jewellery for you - affordably priced.


Why can't I shop these new items?

We're so excited to be expanding our range into fine jewellery!

We are definitely working on bringing our luxury line to as many countries worldwide. Unfortunately, due to strict tax and customs regulations we won't be able to do so very soon.

Stay tuned to our social media for the latest updates on this! Meanwhile, if you need more information, please reach out to our customer support team.

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