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Shipping & Delivery Updates

Last updated 28 Nov 2022

*Economy shipping for some countries may have an unpredictable delays. We recommend express shipping for quicker deliveries.  

Please find the table below for more information: 

Country / Region Economy shipping Express shipping

United Kingdom, Germany, France  Japan, Hong Kong, Netherlands  United Arab Emirates, Spain, Austria, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Switzerland, Luxembourg, South Korea, Thailand

  1- 2 weeks*
Receive within 3-5*  business days

United States, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Canada

2 weeks*
Italy, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, 

Sweden, Finland, Hungary,            New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Indonesia, Estonia, Cyprus, Israel, Kuwait, Vietnam, Croatia ,Norway 

2- 3 weeks*
Czechia, Portugal

Slovakia, Iceland, Slovenia Latvia, Bulgaria, Bahrain              Qatar, Malta 

3 weeks*
Greece, Mexico, Rest of the world 3 - 4 weeks*
Romania  4 weeks
Singapore 3 - 5 days*



Last updated 28 Nov 2022

My package is stuck!/ I haven't received any updates!

Please bear with us through this unprecedented time. Since the introduction of nationwide lockdowns, there has been a significant delay in delivery because of a reduction in air freight capacity. Hence, delays will occur as our couriers do their best to re-route the journey to ensure your package reaches you. 

At the same time, we suspect there might be interruptions to the delivery line and you may experience a lack of updates on your tracking number. We seek your kind understanding and patience while we investigate the whereabouts of your package.

Is my package safe to touch or open?

Yes it is. Please find the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s response on this matter here: https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses?cmp=EMT-1005824-2-1-200-1000001-GLBL-SG-EN-CCMZNOTIZCORONA&ET_CID=767960&ET_RID=13222028&LINK=BodyCopy-WHOLink 

How are your products sanitized? 

Rest assured, our parcels are picked and packed in a strict hygiene compliant environment. All staff are screened at least twice a day, with the first taking place before they can enter the premises. Any staff who do not comply with the hygiene and safety standard is restricted from entering the facility. Secondly, all of our staff are instructed to sanitize themselves before their shift begins. Once doing so, all our jewellery are carefully cleaned to the best of our ability and sealed in an air-tight packet.

Will your business be temporarily closed?

No, our website will still function and you will still be able to make your purchases as you like. J&Co will continue to operate as normally as we can. However, we have to be prepared for when all our staff from our jewellery hand-makers, to the fulfilment team and office staff are prohibited from leaving their home. 

If this occurs, you may continue to purchase your desired jewellery pieces as per usual. However, please expect a delay when receiving your package. This is because we would not be able to process and send out any shipments. Depending on the number of quarantine days imposed, we will be sure to jump right back into our usual swing of things and pick up order processing then. 

We understand that the average time of quarantine is around 14 days. As of now, we remain operational as per usual. 

What will happen to your staff?

The wellbeing of our staff means the most to us. All of our employees will be paid throughout this period even through any measure of quarantine. 

A message from the J&Co team on COVID-19:

In light of recent global events, there has been a level of uncertainty that has affected all of us in different ways. Now, more than ever, we need to prioritize our community before all else. Here at J&Co, you are our number one priority. We hope everyone is safe and taking the relevant precautions currently in place by governments and health officials to minimise the risk and exposure to Covid-19. 

To expand on this, our team at J&Co, together with our business partners, have taken these precautions very seriously. As a result, there will be stricter restrictions on packing and shipping to ensure the safety of all orders. We are sure to comply with all the regulations and information with regards to these changes strictly. Please find more information in the FAQs below.

During this time, we seek your patience and understanding as we brave through this unprecedented time. We hope we can all come together with compassion and consideration for one another. Please take care of yourself and those around you. 

Stay safe, 
J&Co team


Still have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service representatives over on hello@jcojewellery.com. We will be sure to support you as best we can during this period.

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