Jewelry is more than just sparkle—it's a personal statement tailored to your tastes, lifestyle, and desires.

Choosing the right piece isn't just about the design, but also the metal it's crafted from. Whether you're considering maintenance, usage habits, or budget, each metal offers something unique.

So, how do you know what's best for you? 
Let's explore together, shall we?

14K Solid Gold: The Ultimate Luxury

Ideal For Luxury lovers, Heirloom investors
Not Suited For Budget-conscious buyers
Care Required Low Maintenance. Occasional Wipe.


The Basics: 14K Solid Gold is the pinnacle of luxury and durability. It's everything - highly durable, resistant to oxidation, never tarnishes, never corrodes, water-safe, and hypoallergenic. But all this comes with a premium price tag.

Tailor-made for: Those who seek the finest things in life. If you're looking for a truly timeless piece to wear your entire life, or even to pass down generations, solid gold jewelry is your golden ticket. 

*Tip: Our 14K gold jewelry comes in solid yellow gold and solid white gold options, so this is also the perfect high-end choice for silver-lovers. 

A Misfit for: Those who are budget-conscious. Solid gold is an investment, and if you're not ready to make that commitment, other metals might serve you better.

The Balancing Act - Pros and Cons: 14K Solid Gold is durable, hypoallergenic, and timelessly elegant. However, it is the most expensive option.

TLC - Care Instructions: With solid gold, all you need is an occasional wipe to keep its charm alive.

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Our Best Selling Solid Gold Jewelry 

At J&Co Jewellery, we keep our 14K Solid Gold prices competitive by working directly with ethical manufacturers in order to prevent traditional markups. We want to make luxury accessible for everyone. 

*These are Flatback Earrings: So comfortable you can sleep in them.

14K Solid Gold Starburst Internal Labret Earring

14K Solid Gold Starburst Internal Labret Earring

Popular choice as a first baby step into the world of luxury jewelry.


14K Solid Gold Opal Moon Threaded Labret Earring

Pair Opal with Solid Gold for a delicate glow. 


14K Solid Gold Curve Diamond Threaded Labret Earring

A row of genuine diamonds that follows the curve of your ear.


Our Recommendations for Solid Gold Jewelry

14K Solid Gold Single Bee Flat Back Earring

Bees are best in solid yellow gold - the color of honey.


14K Solid Gold Shaker Turquoise Necklace

Genuine turquoise necklace that is incredibly delicate and elegant.


14K Solid Gold Single Hummingbird Flat Back Earring

Don’t forget we have white gold as an option

- the finest choice for silver lovers.


Gold Filled: The Long-Lasting Shine

Ideal For Mid-range budget buyers, Frequent wearers of gold jewelry
Not Suited For Extremely tight budgets
Care Required

Low maintenance required. Gentle Wiping.


The Basics: Gold filled jewelry is the middle child that strikes a balance between plated gold and solid gold jewelry. Made up of a thick layer of gold bonded to a base metal, it offers you the golden glow and durability without a hefty price tag. It's resistant to oxidation and water-safe to a large extent.

Tailor-made for: Those who want a taste of luxury without burning a hole in their pocket. If you desire a piece that stands by you, come rain or shine, gold filled jewelry is your ally. It's the best investment for those looking for longevity without splurging on solid gold.

A Misfit for: People who have an extremely tight budget. While it is cheaper than solid gold, it's still a bit pricier than other metal options.

The Balancing Act - Pros and Cons: Gold filled jewelry gives you a lux look, and the comfort of being water-safe.  As it's hypoallergenic, it's a suitable choice for those with sensitive skin. However, affordability can be a sticking point for some.

TLC - Care Instructions: It’s pretty low maintenance. A soft wipe with a cloth is all you need to keep it dazzling.

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Our Best Selling 14K Gold Filled Jewelry 

Sparkly Small Birthstones Stud Earrings

Choose from a range of birthstones:

Emerald, Sapphire, Citrine, Ruby and more.


Classic Band Ring Gold

Staple, minimalist ring for endless stacking.


Small Modern Around Hoops

Classic small hoop earrings never goes out of style.


Our Recommendations for 14K Gold Filled Jewelry

Personalized Birth Flower Initial Gold Necklace

Get something meaningful or sentimental in gold filled

to make it affordable yet durable.


Modern Around Large Hoop Earrings

Large hoops are a staple for many women - get one that lasts.

Pearly Choker Necklace

Many love how it is handmade with freshwater pearls.


925 Sterling Silver: The Classic Choice

Blog - 925 Sterling Silver
Ideal For Lovers of intricate design, Mid-range buyers for silver jewelry, Regular jewelry wearers
Not Suited For Seekers of low-maintenance jewelry or gold jewelry
Care Required Some maintenance required. Regular Polishing.

The Basics: 925 Sterling Silver is an evergreen choice. It adds a sprinkle of classic charm but requires a fair share of attention to keep oxidation at bay. However, it is tarnish and corrosion resistant. 

Tailor-made for: Those who find their heart skipping a beat for intricate designs and vintage appeal. Many sterling silver aficionados actually welcome the patina that forms over time, seeing no need to constantly polish. Minimalists who find comfort in daily-wear pieces will relish in this metal - regular wear actually inhibits oxidation.

A Misfit for: The laid-back folks who lean towards low maintenance jewelry. If you like your pieces hassle-free, you might want to explore other options. 

The Balancing Act - Pros and Cons: Offering a beautiful compromise between affordability and luxury, 925 Sterling Silver can be an upgrade from surgical steel for many. Though it necessitates regular maintenance - whether worn, polished at home, or serviced professionally - its ability to restore to its original shine makes the investment worthwhile.

TLC - Care Instructions: Regular polishing is the secret to its eternal beauty. Keep wearing it to keep it shining. 

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Our Best Selling 925 Sterling Silver Earrings

Some of the best designs for silver sophistication.

Sparkly Open Huggies Earrings

Little Moon Huggie Earrings

Sparkle Evil Eye Huggie Earrings


Our Recommendations for 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sparkling, delicate and textured styles.

Opal Starburst Huggies Earrings

Amethyst Pave Huggie Hoop Earrings

Sparkle Skinny Ring Silver


Surgical Steel: The Sturdy Companion 

Ideal For Those with active lifestyles, sensitive skin, or on a budget
Not Suited For Fans of elegant looks or fine jewelry
Care Required As minimal as it can get. 


The Basics: Surgical steel isn’t just robust; it’s hypoallergenic and known for its remarkable durability and resistance to oxidation and tarnishing. This hardy material takes it a notch further by being water-safe and demanding minimal care.

Tailor-made for: Active souls who weave their life's tapestry with vivid adventures. If you have sensitive skin and seek a companion that can keep up with your pace, surgical steel is your go-to. Swim, shower and sleep in them. 

A Misfit for: Those who gravitate towards fine luxury items. If you have a penchant for more refined, elegant looks, surgical steel's industrial look may not resonate with you. Although durable, surgical steel does turn dull over time.  

The Balancing Act - Pros and Cons: Surgical steel shines brightly when it comes to affordability and maintenance. However, it may not win the hearts of those seeking a more refined look in their jewelry. 

TLC - Care Instructions: All it asks for is a gentle wipe with a soft cloth now and then to keep its shine.

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Our Best Selling Surgical Steel Jewelry

All three come in silver, gold, and rose gold earring surgical steel options

Princess Flower Cartilage Barbell

Jewel Moon Cartilage Labret

Surgical Steel Hinged Clicker Ring 8mm


Our Recommendations for Surgical Steel Jewelry

Spice up your style with these unique designs.

Snake Jewel Internal Threaded Labret

Opal CZ Flower Internal Threaded Labret

Sparkly Butterfly Internal Threaded Jewel Micro Labret


Gold Plated: The Affordable Luxe 

Ideal For Fashion trendsetters, Budget-conscious buyers
Not Suited For Those seeking longevity
Care Required High Maintenance. Recommended to take off your jewelry before showers, beach, etc.


The Basics: Gold plated brass (both 14K gold plated and 18K gold plated) is the stylish chameleon of the jewelry world. It gives you the aesthetics of gold and silver at a fraction of the cost. It's moderately hard, ensuring decent resistance to scratches. However, it can oxidize or even tarnish over time, depending on how you care for it.

Tailor-made for: Fashion-forward folks who love to constantly switch up their style according to what’s trending. If you like the allure of gold, silver, or even rose gold jewelry but don't want to commit to the price, this is your runway. 

[*Pro Tip: If you're contemplating a big investment in a certain jewelry style but unsure if it suits you, consider trying out the look first with plated jewelry. This approach gives you room for exploration without a hefty commitment.]

A Misfit for: Those seeking a lifelong commitment. Plated pieces do wear down the fastest out of all metals discussed in this blog post. If you're looking for jewelry that will stand the test of time, you may want to explore other metals, such as 14K solid gold or gold-filled. 

The Balancing Act - Pros and Cons: Plated jewelry provides you with the best of both worlds - a chic look at an affordable price. But remember, the beauty of plated jewelry isn’t eternal and with time, the plating will wear off. It's suitable for those without any skin sensitivities. 

TLC - Care Instructions: Plated jewelry needs more TLC, time and maintenance to prolong its life: 

→ Keep it away from water and chemicals, such as skincare, makeup and soap.
→ Take it off before doing any exercise, as sweat, sea water and pool water will accelerate the degradation of plated jewelry.
→ Take it off at the end of every day and store in a cool, dry place.
→ Gently clean it with a soft cloth once a week.

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We sell eco brass plated jewelry for those environmentally conscious.


Our Best Selling Gold Plated Jewelry

All three come in sterling silver, 18K gold plated, and 18K rose gold plated jewelry options.

Little Ball Huggies Hoop

Little Heart Huggie Earrings

Pave Bar Huggies Earrings



Our Recommendations for Gold Plated Jewelry

Pearl Huggies Earrings

Made with freshwater pearls.


Solstice Suspender Earrings

Unique statement piece that hugs the ear.

Pave Starburst Huggies Earrings

A popular style that’s been trending, yet remains classy.


SUMMARY: A Comparison Table 

Now that we've explored each metal, let's put them head to head in our comparison table.

Comparison Table: Jewelry Metals Summary by J&Co Jewellery

Remember, the perfect metal for you isn't just about the characteristics but also how well it aligns with your lifestyle, needs, and personal style. Our wide collection ensures that there's something for everyone.

Go ahead, explore, and find your perfect match in the world of metals. Because you deserve jewelry that's the perfect fit for you! 

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